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Iceland Hikes

A Land of Rare Natural Beauty

Iceland Hiking Tours with Fjallabak Trekking Company

Iceland is a fascinating country of rare and untamed beauty. While its northerly position gives credence to its name, Iceland’s climate is moderated by the warm waters of the Gulf Stream, and its position atop the Mid-Atlantic plate belies a land seething with volcanic activity.

Having no indigenous peoples, Iceland was settled by the Norse and a smattering of Irish monks in the 800s. Today’s inhabitants are descended largely from these original settlers and their language has remained almost unchanged. Since the interior of the country is made uninhabitable by continuous volcanic activity, Iceland’s population of 270,000 lives largely in or around Reykjavik, and along its windswept coastlines.

Though seemingly inhospitable, Iceland’s landscapes are unique and powerfully beautiful. Geysers spout astounding columns of water. Waterfalls roar with unbridled power, and the ground steams and mud pots boil, suggesting subterranean lava rivers. Rhyolite hills radiate reds and yellows, and gentle green slopes descend from the mist to meet secluded hot springs. Black lava deserts stretch to the feet of vast, magnificent glaciers spreading like grand, frozen oceans.

Distant Journeys is pleased to continue its eleven-year collaboration with the Fjallabak Trekking Company. The foremost Icelandic provider of hiking and skiing tours, Fjallabak offers a variety of treks that are designed to bring you to the heart of these compelling landscapes. For a truly exotic Nordic adventure, contact us for more information on these amazing trips.

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We just got back from the most incredible, amazing, awesome trip!…By the way, my son wants to go back (to Iceland) next year for the five day trek, and my daughter says the trip ‘changed her life’. Not bad!

Alice DelDonno, Lexington MA

Any hiking trip in the mountains requires a certain amount of effort and proper fitness training will enhance your enjoyment. In the mountains, time and elevation gain or loss as opposed to distance, tend to be the determining factors when defining hiking grades or level of difficulty. We have done our best to grade our trips consistently, please contact us for further clarification. We are happy to offer names of past participants.