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Switzerland Hikes

Dazzling Alps, Wood Chalets, Cow Bells

Switzerland Hiking Tours

Tourism really started in Switzerland in the early 1800’s when the British were first drawn there to explore and climb the high peaks of the Alps. At the end of the 19th century as traveler Mark Twain wrote, “There are two best ways to travel through Switzerland. The first best is afoot.”

Switzerland remains a favorite destination for mountain enthusiasts the world over, and it’s no wonder. A majority of the Alp’s peaks over 4,000 rest within her borders and almost half of Europe’s glaciers blanket her massifs. Tiny wood chalet dot the countryside, bell-clad cows graze in peaceful mountain meadows, waterfalls trace their way down glacial valley walls, and stately mountain peaks keep watch over this orderly country that runs like the clocks it is famous for.

Laced with thousands upon thousands of miles of well marked, well maintained hiking trails, traveling on foot is still one of the best ways to experiencing Switzerland’s verdant and dazzling landscapes. Hiking our Tour du Mont Blanc, The Haute Route, Tour Monte Rosa or Across The Berner Oberland, will give you an opportunity to become part of the rhythms of mountain life on the trail and to begin to understand why this traditional way of traveling has been so enduring.

Any hiking trip in the mountains requires a certain amount of effort and proper fitness training will enhance your enjoyment. In the mountains, time and elevation gain or loss as opposed to distance, tend to be the determining factors when defining hiking grades or level of difficulty. We have done our best to grade our trips consistently, please contact us for further clarification. We are happy to offer names of past participants.