France Hiking Trips

Hike in France

Hiking the Alps, Walking the Countryside

A country of vast and stunningly diverse landscapes, it is not surprising that France is crisscrossed with thousands of kilometers of well-marked and well-maintained footpaths. From the grand peaks and glaciers of the high Alps to the sunbaked limestone cliffs of Provence, to the gentler rolling hills of the Dordogne, the hiking options in France are as intriguing as they are endless.

Immensely proud of their country’s natural beauty as well as its art, architecture, and cuisine, what is most evident about the French is their reverence of beauty and penchant for savoring the moment. Whichever trip you choose, you are certain to find that traveling through France on foot is wonderfully in keeping with the essential character of this country.

Guided Trips

Tour du Mont Blanc
Hike a more sustainable, authentic Tour du Mont Blanc
Tour of the Vanoise
Hut-to-hut hiking at its best and most authentic
Grande Traversee des Alps GR5
Hike the GR5 Mont Blanc to Mediterranean Sea
Grande Traversee des Alps: GR5 Part 1
Hike the GR5 from Chamonix to Pralognan-La-Vanoise
Grande Traversee des Alps: GR5 Part 2
Hike the GR5 Pralognan-la-Vanoise to Menton
Hiking Provence Inn-to-Inn
The Alps de Haute Provence to the Luberon
Tour of the Luberon
Experience the rustic elegance of quintessential Provence
Colors of Provence Hike
Hike the Landscapes of Provence in Lavender Season
Dordogne on Foot - Walking Tour
A walk through history
Hiking the Haute Route
The walker's Haute Route - Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn

Self-Guided Trips

Self-Guided Grande Traversee des Alps
Part 1: GR5 - Chamonix to Modane
Self-Guided Provence Inn-to-Inn
Haute Provence to the Luberon
Self-Guided Tour du Mont Blanc Hike
Hike the world's premier hut-to-hut route self-guided