Trip Styles

international hiking and walking trips

Walking is really in our DNA. When you think about it, we were hunter-gathers for many more thousands of years than we've been sedentary office geeks. That's why when we set out on foot we are naturally drawn to next bend in the road, the next mountain pass, the next village and beyond.

For much of our collective histories, walking has been the most common form of transportation. And still, the world is infinitely walkable with an endless web of trails worth wandering. When developing our trips, we look first to areas of inspiring natural beauty with rich walking, hiking, and trekking traditions. Then, depending on the country, customs, and culture, we might stay in mountain huts, hotels, country inns, village gites, teahouses, or tents.

We all have our go-to styles of hiking and exploring the world, and that, of course, can change from year to year. One year a more remote hike may be utterly irresistible and the next year hiking between alpine villages may just fit the bill. One hiking route may be perfect as a self-guided adventure; another epic trek may have "guided" written all over it.

We offer Hut-to-Hut, Inn-to-Inn, Hotel-Based and Expeditionary style trips, as well as Guided and Self-Guided options.

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Hotel Based