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What is an Expeditionary hike?

Our expeditionary style trips explore more wild and remote areas that, because of their relative lack of infrastructure, require extra logistical support.

Only recently open to the outside world, Nepal’s Naar - Phu Valleys is a region of ancient villages and enduring Tibetan Buddhist culture but offers few facilities to accommodate travelers. Constant volcanic activity has rendered the interior of Iceland virtually uninhabitable, yet the primal and dynamic beauty of these varying landscapes is unquestionably worth experiencing.

Expeditionary style treks to areas such as these may involve carrying additional necessities such as provisions for meals and sleeping bags. They may require transporting everything needed to be self-sufficient for the duration of the trek; food, pots, pans, tents, sleeping bags, etc. Typically, these trips are supported by either all-wheel-drive vehicles, mules, porters, or the like and requiring carrying only a day-pack.

There is something thrilling about venturing a little more “out there.” The natural world can appear more vivid. You can feel more alive, more present, more awake. Sharing simple day-to-day tasks like helping with meals or breaking camp can bring group members together. These trips can inspire an unforgettable sense of awe, appreciation, and connection.