Iceland Hiking Trips

Hike in Iceland

A Land of Rare Natural Beauty

Iceland is a fascinating country of rare and untamed beauty. While its most northerly regions may give credence to its name, Iceland’s climate is moderated by the warm waters of the Gulf Stream, and its remarkable position astride the Mid-Atlantic Ridge reveals a land seething with volcanic activity.

Not surprisingly, Iceland’s landscapes are almost primal in their powerful beauty. Geysers spout astounding columns of water. The ground steams and mud pots boil, suggesting subterranean lava rivers. Waterfalls roar with unbridled power. Rhyolite hills glow with red and yellow soil, and gentle green slopes descend from the mist to meet secluded hot springs. Black lava deserts stretch to the feet of vast, magnificent glaciers that spread like grand, frozen oceans.

Distant Journeys is pleased to continue its collaboration with the Fjallabak Trekking Company, one of the foremost Icelandic providers of hiking and skiing tours. In partnership with Fjallabak, our treks not only bring you to the heart of these compelling landscapes but convey the character and culture of the hearty people that settle this island.

Guided Trips

Iceland's East Fjords guided trip Iceland's East Fjords
Hiking the Víknaslóðir Trails between the mountains and the sea
Iceland Behind the Mountains guided trip Iceland Behind the Mountains
A hiking trip through Iceland's volcanic and mystic landscapes